This is the website of the Toulouse Mind & Brain Institute or TMBI.

The TMBI submitted a  first proposal to the ANR Instituts Convergences website  in May 2016. It was ranked equal 12th by the international review panel in the first round, and this was insufficient to obtain funding (only the first 5 projects were funded on the first round).

Following the announcement of a second round call we have prepared a new proposal that was submitted on the 8th December 2016. Tragically, we learned on the 7th of April that the project had not been selected.

We are currently looking at other ways to allow Toulouse to profit from the momentum generated by the TMBI community

You can find out more about the TMBI by using the menus on this site.

Use the menus to find out about the Labs that involved in the project and the  Members of the Institute.

You can find out about our plans for a radical new Masters Program in Cognitive Science – the CogSci Master – that we plan to launch in 2017, and the CogSci Doctoral School that we hope to launch soon after that.

Find out about two major Health related inititives that are directly linked to the TMBI

  • The Féderation Hospitalo-Universitare (FHU HoPes) dedicated to Cognitive, Psychiatric and Sensory Handicaps
  • The NeuroToul initiative dedicated to research in three major Neurodegenerative Diseases – Parkinson’s Disease, Alheimer’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Learn about the range of Industrial partners, both in Toulouse, and further afield with which the TMBI has strong links

You can find about the Governance of the Institute, and the composition of the Governing Council;