Latest News

A final meeting of the elected members of TMBI’s Governing Council took place on Wednesday 25th November 2020  to evaluate a proposal for a TMBI 2.0 project headed by Pascal Barone (DR CNRS, CerCo), with  Jeremie Pariente (PU-PH, Tonic), and Martin Giurfa (Prof, CBI) as deputy directors.  Following an anonymous vote, 14 of the 15 members present voted in favour, and with one vote in opposition. As a consequence, Simon Thorpe, TMBI’s director from 2016 to 2020 has handed over responsibility to Pascal Barone.

While the details of the new project are still sketchy, it is clear that the current list of members and associated labs is no longer relevant and this website has been updated appropriately.

The web address at will be made available to the new directors if they wish to make use of it.