Yves Trotter

CNRS Research Director (DR2), CerCo (CNRS-UT3)

  • Head of the ECO-3D Team


I’m research director CNRS in CerCo, head of the team ECO-3D and previous deputy director of ISCT (2007-2015). I got my Phd in Paris VI in 1981 and was post-doc 1981-1983 in Johns Hopkins Univ. (USA) in Gian Franco Poggio lab where I got familiar with extracellular recordings in the visual cortex of behaving monkeys. Working on 3D visual perception, I developped this domain back in Orsay and Paris VI where I got my HDR and was part of researchers that created the CerCo lab. in Toulouse in 1993. I am now involved in multidisciplinary approaches using psychophysics, EEG, fMRI studying more particularly how visual processing is optimized by postural and navigational cues in the peripersonal space of human and non human primates.  I have also interdisciplinary collaborations with robotics and clinicians in Toulouse