Laetitia Arnauné-Pelloquin

UT3 Lecturer, CRCA (CNRS-UT3)


I am a lecturer in Cellular Biology at Toulouse 3 University since 2002. I did my PhD on cell cycle regulation and mitochondrial dynamics with Pascale Belenguer and Bernard Ducommun (IPBS, Toulouse) then I spent 3 years in Spain in Sergio Moreno’s team (Salamanca University) to study mitotic and meiotic divisions. Back to France in 2001, I joined Pascale Belenguer’s team in Toulouse working on the molecular mechanisms that control mitochondrial dynamics, its functions and dysfunctions at the organelle and cellular levels, and its impact on human health. Then we focalized on research concerning the role of mitochondrial dynamics on the plasticity and functioning of developing and mature neurons. Since 2016, our team joined the CRCA, in order to address experience-dependent neuronal plasticity by focusing on the mitochondrial gate.