Governing Council (2016-2020)

Important Note

The mandate of TMBI’s  governing council terminated at the end of 2020.  It was composed of elected representatives for each of TMBI’s 10 main fields, with one full member and an alternative, together with the director (Simon Thorpe) and a deputy director (Nicholas Asher). The original composition is shown in the figure.



Deputy Director

Language, Culture & Society
  1. Barbara Köpke, Professor UT2J, Octogone-Lordat
  2. Hélène Giraudo, CR1 CNRS,  CLLE
Learning& Memory
  1. Emmanuel Barbeau DR2 CerCo
  2.  Mélanie Jucla Lecturer Octogone-Lordat
 Perception, Attention & Action
  1. Rufin VanRullen DR1 CerCo
  2. Corine Astésano Lecturer Octogone-Lordat
Cognitive Technologies
  1. Christophe Jouffrais DR2 IRIT
  2.  Nadine Vigouroux CR1 IRIT
Sensors & Robotics
  1. Rachid Alami DR LAAS
  2.  TBA
  1. Andreas Herzig DR IRIT
  2. Tim Masquelier CR1 CerCo
Neuroimaging & Methods
  1. Isabelle Berry PUPH TONIC
  2. Patrice Péran CR1 TONIC
Clinical Neuroscience
  1. Jérémie Pariente  PUPH TONIC
  2.  Pierre Payoux PUPH TONIC
Fundamental Neuroscience
  1. Caroline Fonta DR2 CerCo
  2.  Martin Giurfa Prof CRCA
Biology of Behavior & Evolution
  1. Audrey Dussutour CR1 CRCA
  2. Mathieu Lihoreau CR1 CRCA