Audrey Dussutour

CNRS Researcher (CR1), CRCA (CNRS-UT3)
  • Head of IVEP Team CRCA
In 2004, I received a PhD in Ethology working with Dr. Vincent Fourcassié and Pr Jean-Louis Deneubourg. At that time, I was studying traffic organization in Ants. Then, I did two post-docs, one at Concordia University (Canada) where I studied collective decision in social caterpillars and one at the University of Sydney (Australia) where I studied nutrition in ants and slime molds. In 2008 I obtained a CNRS position at the CRCA (Toulouse) to continue my research on ant behavior.
Since 2015, Raphael Jeanson, Jacques Gautrais, Jean-Paul Lachaud and I established a new team at the CRCA, the IVEP team (Interindividual Variability Emergent Plasticity). Our objective is to develop an integrative approach to investigate the determinants of phenotypic plasticity across different biological scales (cell, brain, individual, societies). We ambitions to investigate how biological entities, being cells or individuals, integrate environmental changes to produce adaptive responses and we also aims at examining how phenotypic plasticity emerges from interactions among its underlying components. Within the IVEP team, I focus my researches mainly on ants and slime molds.
On the adm side, I am an elected member of the CNRS commission Brain Cognition and Behavior and the Interdisciplinary commission Modeling Biological Systems.