Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the Toulouse Mind & Brain Institute?

The TMBI is the new English name for what used to be called the Institut des Science du Cerveau de Toulouse (ISCT), and which, from the 1st of January 2016 has two extra “Cs” – Institut des Sciences du Cerveau, de la Cognition et du Comportement de Toulouse (ISC3T).  It is also the name of a proposed “Institut Convergences” that is being proposed by Simon Thorpe, director of the ISC3T,  and which includes two other recent Toulouse-based initiatives – the FHU HoPeS, and the FHU NeuroToul.

Why should I join?

We  submitted a proposal for an “Institut Convergences”  in May 2016 with a budget of 11.4  M€ over 10 years, and will be having a second attempt before the end of 2016.  By showing that there is a large and diverse community in Toulouse, we will maximise our chances of success. Also, members of the TMBI will be able to help define the priorities for the years to come via a representative Governing Council that will make the decisions.

How can I join?

It’s easy.  If you are based in Toulouse, and working on any topic related to Brain OR Mind OR Behavior OR Cognition, just set up a personal Google Scholar Profile,  add “TMBI (Univ. Toulouse)” at the end of the affiliation field, and add five keywords to the “interests” field. Just make sure that at least 3 of the keywords is at least reaonsably relevant to the areas that interest the TMBI. You can find more details here.

Can I leave if I want?

Of course. Just remove “TMBI” from your Google Scholar profile, and let us know, and you will no longer appear on the TMBI website.

Do I need to put TMBI on my publications?

No. If your lab decides that you should only sign using your lab address, there is no need to include TMBI in the list of institutions.

Why this obsession with Google Scholar?

We insist on members having a google scholar profile because it makes it very easy to find them, and find what sort of topics they are interested in by checking out the five keywords that they have chosen.  While it does indeed provide a way to rank the more the 100 people who have already signed up to the TMBI (you just search for TMBI on Google Scholar, and you get a list that is ranked by number of citations), this is not a criterion for membership.

I don’t have any publications. Can I join the TMBI?

Yes. Anyone can set up a Google Scholar Profile, and add “TMBI (Univ. Toulouse)” to the affiliation.  That’s how we can find you (and check that you have keywords that are relevant to the TMBI. However, while you can have a profile with no publications, you won’t appear unless there is at least one element in the profile. You can get round that one by manually adding anything relevant – such as an internal lab presentation.

I’m retired. Can I join the TMBI?

No problem.  If you are based in the Toulouse area, and interested in Mind and Brain, then you can join. The more the merrier! You can simply add “Emeritus” to the affiliation field to make it clear, as in the case of Michèle Fabre-Thorpe who is a CNRS Emeritus Research Director (DR1).

I work on artificial systems? Can I join the TMBI?

Yes! We are keen to include to include the full range of scientists working on Cognition and Intelligent Systems, whether they Biological or Artificial.

I would like to be involved in other Convergence Institute Proposals?  Can I still join the TMBI?

Yes! We are very keen to show that there is indeed overlap between the TMBI and other structures in Toulouse, including the Institute for Advanced Studies in Toulouse (IAST) and the Institute des Systèmes Complexes de Toulouse (ISC-T).