Interdisciplinary Programs

The following is a list of just some of the interdisciplinary research programs that have already flourished in Toulouse’s Cognitive Sciences community over a period of decades

  1. Natural Language Processing (CLLE, IRIT… )
  2. Neuropsycholinguistics (Octogone-Lordat, TONIC…)
  3. Biomaterials for Neuroscience (TONIC, LAAS…)
  4. Assistive Devices for Visual Handicap (IRIT, CERCO, SpikeNet Technology….)
  5. Cochlear Implants Technololgie (CIC, CERCO, Cochlear….)
  6. Collective and swarm  intelligence (CRCA, IRIT, LAAS….)
  7. Virtual reality systems (IRIT, LAAS, CRCA …)
  8. Artificial Neural Networks (CERCO, ISAE, SpikeNet Technology….)
  9. Reasoning, Decision Making (IRIT, UT1….)
  10. Proustime (IDEX)
  11. Synaesthesia (IDEX)