HoPes is an FHU (Fédération Hospitalo-Universitaire) devoted to “Cognitives, Psychic and Sensorial disabilities”. It was one of two FHU that were recently accepted for funding by the CHU Toulouse, Université Toulouse 3, and the ITMO Aviesan. The FHU Hopes is directed by Pr. Christophe Arbus and Pr. Jérémie Pariente, and is supported by the “ Institut des Handicaps Neurologiques, Psychiatriques et Sensoriels du CHU de Toulouse”. Its main objective is structuring a continuum: care – training – research, in a transdisciplinary way from cognition to imaging, or ergonomic rights of people with chronic disease.
Cognitive, mental and / or sensory deficits can occur at any time in the life of the individual. Whether developmental or acquired, their early detection is essential. This may allow for of pharmacological interventions, remediation or readaptation within a biological window which could possibly alter the pathophysiology and course of disease.
Aside of these early interventions, a “lifelong” follow up is an innovative point. Thus, one of the strengths of the FHU HoPeS is the implementation of a “life span” approach of the handicaps presented by patients with various etiologies pathologies. This will be particularly the case in developmental disorders in which can coexist cognitive, mental and / or sensory disabilities that begin in childhood and sometimes even infants (diagnosis and monitoring in pediatrics) and continue to generate handicaps throughout adulthood (monitoring and sometimes late diagnosis).
The establishment of cohorts of patients that will be diagnosed, evaluated and monitored throughout their life will be a major asset in the context of this FHU. It will also be of interest to assess the “generational pairs” that are the children and their parents. This novel approach will enable the development of a combined multigenerational assessment to explore aspects related to heredity (i.e., diagnosis in children / researching genetic markers in parents or, conversely, diagnosis in a parent and genetic exploration of children) without disregarding the impact of environmental factors.
Through gathering many researchers and clinical teams, HoPeS will be a strong partner of TMBI to develop multidisciplinary projects in cognitive sciences.

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