Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science Projects

Artificial Intelligence is also a specialty of the Toulouse region. AI in Toulouse has been historically strong in logical models of knowledge, reasoning, interaction and language. We have an internationally recognized expertise in modeling cognitive attitudes and emotions and practical and theoretical reasoning with researchers like Henri Prade, Didier Dubois, Andreas Herzig and Emiliano Lorini.   Toulouse also has strong traditions Natural Language Processing (in particular discourse parsing) and in the in the analysis of argumentation (Philippe Besnard, Leila Amgoud) that has links not only with work done in LCS but also with work by economists at Toulouse 1. Examples of future collaborative work in this area include: linguistic analyses and machine learning of argumentation structures in conjunction with discourse structures (an interest also of LCS), and studying analogical reasoning both from a formal, symbolic perspective (Henri Prade) and from a statistical perspective shared with distributional lexical semantics (see the LCS description), and an exploration of formal and computational models of emotions and attitudes and their neurological bases.

Finally, a major challenge is to establish an overall methodology to understand and model the interplay between explicit, analytical, knowledge and implicit knowledge hidden in big data of all sorts. On this important topic, TMBI can make a breakthrough by integrating logical and statistical models in areas such as knowledge representation, reasoning and natural language processing, but also by capitalizing on the expertise in language learning of researchers in LCS and LM.