The Master will be a 1 year program. During the first semester  students will follow the a rich and varied program that will bring them up to speed in ten different areas of Cognitive Science

  1. Language & Culture
  2. Learning & Memory
  3. Perception, Attention & Action
  4. Cognitive Technologies
  5. Sensors & Robotics
  6. Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science
  7. Neuroimaging & Methods
  8. Clinical Neuroscience
  9. Fundamental Neuroscience
  10. Biology of Behaviour & Evolution

Each module will involve 3 hours of teaching every week for 9 weeks at a fixed time (for example, Monday mornings for Language & Culture. But before starting the courses, all the students will have a full week of introduction, followed by 2 weeks where they will each spend an entire day in 10 of the most important research centers in Toulouse.


In the second semester the students do a 6 month research project that would enable them to move to a PhD in a wide range of research areas.