Sensors & Robotics Projects

Toulouse is a prominent place for robotics research, the LAAS lab being world-renowned in the area, with prominent researchers such as Rachid Alami, Malik Ghallab, Jean-Paul Laumond & Thierry Simeon. Beyond traditionally central topics such as motion, sensing, and physical action, more recent research focuses on human-robot interaction and social robotics. Indeed, artificial entities interacting with humans should be capable of correctly ascribing mental states to humans (so-called Theory of Mind), to plan and execute appropriate behavior that satisfies human needs and avoid dangerous or illegal situations. Research in the area obviously requires interactions with researchers from other domains of cognitive science, including disciplines such as philosophy of mind, language science and AI. In particular, researchers from LAAS have recently started to collaborate with AI researchers from IRIT working on logical models of beliefs, goals, and intentions and on theory of mind, and TMBI will develop joint work on multimodal interaction.