The TMBI site is a perfect place for members to share their publications in the form of pdf files.

Much of scientific publishing these days is Open Access, but many scientists still have much of their output in the form of papers that can only be obtained at a price, and only by other scientists lucky enough to work in an environment where the university or research orgnaisation is rich enough to be able to pay the (very high) subscription fees.

Many scientists are therefore turning to commercial diffusion systems like ResearchGate or Mendelay. You agree to upload pdfs of your papers, and other scientists can get access to them.

But such practices are often juridically doubtful.

At the TMBI, we can offer an alternative scheme, because every single member of the institute will have their own personal page with an address like

If a researcher’s papers are available directly for download from a personal site like that, it would be extremely unlikely that a major scientific publisher would dare take an individual scientist to court for distributing their own papers in pdf form from their own personal site. The entire list of papers could be located at an address such as which would make tracking downloads easy.