The Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC)  is the only aviation-oriented university in France offering a wide and complete panel of aeronautics-oriented training programmes and activities, serving the aeronautical  world, and particularly the air transport sector.

The ENAC university is made up of :

  • 2,000 students in 25 various training courses : engineer, air transport pilot, air controller, etc.,
  • 7,500 trainees each year in 400 continuing education programmes or advanced training courses,
  • 10 research labs,
  • International activities : ENAC welcomes hundreds of international students and trainees from the 5 continents each year,
  • A education team having an exceptional amount of professional skills and know-how,
  • High level training material associated with its multidisciplinary activities : ATC simulators, flight simulators, 135 aircrafts, laboratories for electronics, data processing, aerodynamics, languages, etc…

The following people working at the ENAC are also members of the TMBI

Permanent Staff

  1. Mathieu Magnaudet Lecturer