Mission & Objectives

The Toulouse Mind & Brain Institute (TMBI) already exists. While the title is new, it is simply the English translation of the ISC3T (Institut des Sciences du Cerveau, de la Cognition et du Comportement Toulouse), a structure which has been in existence since 2000 under the title ISCT. It was evaluated by the AERES in 2014-5, has a director (Simon Thorpe) and Deputy Director (Jérémie Pariente),  and a modest budget provided by the Université Paul Sabatier (UT3).

However, with the recently announced call for the creation of 5-10 highly Interdisciplinary Institutes, there is a real opportunity to transform the TMBI into something far more ambitious.

Our ambition is to create a highly interdisciplinary research center that pools together the very rich talent base present in Toulouse in the broad area of cognitive science.

If we are succesful, researchers in Toulouse will want to have a double affiliation and be attached not just to their main laboratory (CerCo, LAAS, IRIT etc), but also to the TMBI.  Joint appointments are commonplace in the USA, where it is often the case that a scientist can have an appointment in their core department, but also in a more broad structure that spans several different areas.

Shared resources, within TMBI’s core facilities, will support these research efforts.