Learning & Memory Projects

There is a very strong community working on Learning & Memory in Toulouse, with almost 75% of TMBI members showing a clear interest in this field. It encompasses neuroscientific and ethological research on animal models (including honeybees and genetically modified mice), and extends to learning at school or on the internet. It builds on expertise ranging from epigenetic modification of DNA, cellular and molecular approaches, analyses of network oscillations and brain activity, to collective memory and ergonomics. The research is also very translational with many connections to players such as Airbus, SpikeNet or pharmaceutical companies.

Researchers at ToNIC, Octogone-Lordat and CerCo will work with colleagues from Aix-Marseille to study neurocognitive causes of learning disabilities. Could a common procedural learning and memory deficit (due to cortico-cerebellar and cortico-striatal dysfunction) explain reading AND motor deficits? Such questions already need an interdisciplinary approach but TMBI could implicate other researchers from CRCA, who could test animal models of procedural learning deficits with cerebellar and/or striatal lesions. Such data could help develop computational models of implicit learning by researchers from the Cerco, CLLE and IRIT, and help develop solutions for children suffering from such difficulties.

TMBI will provide opportunities for researchers from different labs to meet on specialized topics including

  • sleep,
  • episodic memory,
  • learning strategies and neuroeducation,
  • mnesic prostheses,
  • memory and trauma,
  • learning in biological and artificial systems,
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases,
  • Rehabilitation and protective effects on memory during aging…

Each of these topics interests not just researchers in basic science, but also those in sociology, philosophy or ethics.

The  following projects are already funded

  • ERC Advanced Grant : Memory Mechanisms in Man & Machine (Simon Thorpe)