SpikeNet Technology S.A.S.

SpikeNet Technology is a company based in the Toulouse region that is specialised in Bio-inspired Image processing.

The company was created in 1999 by Simon Thorpe,  the current director of the TMBI and two of his students at the time, who have since gone on to become CNRS Research Directors (DR2) : Arnaud Delorme and Rufin VanRullen.

Thorpe, Delorme and VanRullen were the original inventors of the technology that was commercialised by the Company with a licence from the CNRS.

The Company currrently has a staff of 14, and is located in Balma.

The following members of the company belong to the TMBI

  1. Jong Allegraud (Developer)
  2. Gilles Bézard (CTO)
  3. Hung Do-duy (President & CEO)
  4. Paul Ferré (CIFRE PhD Student)
  5. Nicolas Guilbaud (Developer)
  6. Jérémy Lugagne (Software Engineer)
  7. Franck Mamalet (Head of R&D)