The TMBI project has support from a large number of players at the local, regional and national levels.  Click on the following to download a pdf containing all the files.

All Support Letters

The following letters are available. The ones marked with an asterisk were present in the original submission document on the 4th of May. Click on individual links to access each letter individually.

  1. Philippe Raimbault – President of the Université de Toulouse (UFTMiP)
  2. Alain Fuchs President of the CNRS*
  3. Yves Lévy PDG of INSERM
  4. Carole Delga – President of the Région Languedoc-Rousillon-Midi-Pyrénnées*
  5. Jean-Pierre Vinel – President of Paul Sabatier University (UT3)
  6. Jean-Luc Moudenc – Mayor of Toulouse
  7. Raymond Le Moign – Director General of the CHU Toulouse*
  8. Deborah Méligne, Christophe Arbus & Jérémie Pariente – FHU Hopes
  9. Olivier Rascol, Bruno Vellas & Roland Liblau – NeuroToul Centre of Excellence
  10. Karine Duvignau – President of the Structure Fédérative Récherche – Apprentissage, Education, Formation*
  11. Hung Do-Duy – CEO of SpikeNet Technology*
  12. Laurent Braak – CEO of MEDES*
  13. Florence Reauzeau – Human Factors Executive Expert Airbus Industrie
  14. Pierre Payoux – Director of TONIC
  15. Simon Thorpe – Director of the CERCO
  16. Michel Daydé – Director of the IRI
  17. Hélène Giraudo – Director of the CLLE
  18. Martin Giurfa – Director of the CRCA
  19. Barbara Köpke – Director of Octogone-Lordat*
  20. Liviu Nicu – Director of the LAAS*
  21. Maria Teresa Munoz Sastre – Director of the CERPPS*
  22. Sylvain Jasson – Director of the MIA-T*
  23. Jean Pierre Salles – Team director at the CPTP (Dir. Roland Liblau)
  24. Gerard Pirlot – Director of the LCPI
  25. Edmund Rolls – Director of the Oxford Centre for Computational Neuroscience