CogSci Introduction

The TMBI has a proposal for a radical Toulouse Masters Program in Cognitives Science. It will take advantage of the very rich research base in Toulouse in various areas of Cognitive Science. We have identified over 200 scientists in a position to direct Masters and Doctoral students in 10 key areas of Cognitve Science.

Proposed Starting date : 2017-18

Proposed by

  • FSSMH (Faculté des Sciences du Sport et du Mouvement Humain)
  • Pier-Giorgio Zanone (Professor UT3)

Responsable UT2

  • Eric Raufaste (Prof UTJ2) (
    Responsable UT3

Responsable UT3

  • Pier-Giorgio Zanone – Professeur UPS (STAPS) (


  • We propose a highly interdisciplinary Masters program that allows the very best students from a wide range of backgrounds to get a basic training in all areas of Cognitive Science during 9 weeks of the first semester.
  • Ten different modules will be proposed, and students could take as many of them as they like, since each module will have a fixed 3 hour slot every week, with no overlaps.
  • Each of the 10 themes will be coordinated by 3 or 4 people from different labs and universities to reflect the diversity of approaches available in Toulouse. Each team has a teaching team of 9 lecturers, who each give a 3 hour course.
  • Half the team will be chosen because they are high visibility researchers, well known internationally. The other half are chosen because they are excellent at teaching.
  • All the introductory modules will be taught in English
    A total of over 80 researchers involved in the teaching, including the best that Toulouse has to offer.
  • In the second semester, the students will do a 6 month research project that could lead on to a doctorate, or to a career in Industry.