Clinical Neuroscience Projects

The Fédération Hospitalo-Universitaire (FHU), dedicated to Cognitive, Psychic and Sensory Handicaps (HoPeS), brings together the Toulouse University Hospital (CHU de Toulouse), Inserm and CNRS research labs, associated with Toulouse Universities I, II, and III, and patients’ associations in the field of Cognitive, Psychic and Sensory Handicaps. It fosters translational research, education and patients’ care in this area. AVIESAN, Inserm and Toulouse III created the FHU HOPES in 2016. Since then, FHU HOPES has been co-directed by Christophe Arbus (Psychiatry), and Jeremie Pariente (Neurologist). Its main objective is to federate complementary expertise, optimize the visibility of research and strengthen the synergies in a transdisciplinary way between care, teaching and research.

An original “lifespan” perspective was chosen to propose a global vision of childhood to adulthood and three axes were identified: 1) Early detection, diagnosis and intervention; 2) Lifelong monitoring and evaluation; 3) Prevention, remediation and rehabilitation. The FHU has a transdisciplinary research focus on the topic of head injury, which causes severe neurological, cognitive and psycho-behavioral deficits that are sometimes complex and resistant to traditional or specialized care. Multifocal and multidisciplinary approaches will be developed using innovative therapeutic strategies.

In the context of TMBI, this global transversal project federates both clinicians, researchers in cognitive sciences and neuroimaging and also raises questions in some fields of engineering, socio-economic sciences and the humanities, such as sociology, psychology, psycholinguistics, or philosophy.