The Baudot 2.0 Project

One of the propositions that could be included in the Proposal involves renovating the other wing of the Pavillon Baudot. Currently, the Pavillon, which is located on the Purpan Campus a few hundred metres from the Hopital Pierre-Paul Riquet is home to both  the CerCo and Tonic, and also has some space for other labs associated with the ISCT (Institut de Sciences du Cerveau de Toulouse) such as Octogone-Lordat. The ISCT of course was the forerunner of the Toulouse Mind and Brain Institute.

When the original ISCT was founded in 2000 with Jean-Luc Nespoulous from the Laboratoire Lordat as the director, one of its main objectives was the Baudot Project. And, at the time, the plan was to renovate the entire building. Over the next 11 years, the project gradually progressed, and with a total of 8.9 M€ of funding, the project was completed and the two labs were able to move to the new site in 2011.

In the original plan, the intention was to renovate the entire building. But, the money avaiable at the time was not sufficient, given that  around 2.3 M€ was needed for equipment (Animal House and MRI). Ans so it was decided to only renovate one wing, and  plans to allow  space for Hi Tech Start Ups had to be shelved.

But the idea of renovating the other wing (Baudot 2.0) has always been in the back of many of our minds. Indeed, option was already during the AERES evaluation of the CerCo and the ISCT in November 2014.

Now, with this new initiative, it seems like it would be a good idea to include renovating the building as part of the new projet.

A meeting with Raymond Le Moign, who is the Director General of the CHU Purpan and Odile Sechoy (CHU Administrator) demonstrated that the CHU has no objection to us using the other wing of the building for the TMBI’s  projects. It’s clear that we would need to find quite a bit of money to cover the costs. But we would only be looking for “tertiary” space – essentially offices and stanard office space. Odile Sechoy has informed us that she thinks that the 3500 m2 could be renovated for a cost of around 2.66 M€.

Clearly, it would not be realistic to  use money from the Convergences Institute project to fund this work. But the projects could work together nicely.

The Baudot 2.0 Project