Other International Projects with similar Objectives

There are other examples of attempts to regroup local forces in Cognitive Science around the World. Many of them are in the USA, although a few are located in Europe.


Berlin School of MInd & Brain

University of Amsterdam – Brain & Cognitive Sciences


Brown University Institute for Brain Science (BIBS) 

  • The Brown Institute for Brain Science brings together more than 100 faculty members spanning life and physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, humanities, and medicine.

Boston University – Department of Cognitive & Neural Systems

Carnegie-Mellon University – Centre for the Neural Basis of Cognition

The University of Arizona Cognitive Science and the Center for Consciousness Studies

  • More than 50 faculty from 13 departments. Cognitive Science is a model interdisciplinary program in that it is the interdisciplinary study of the mind, encompassing the study of intelligent behavior as well as the brain mechanisms and computations underlying that behavior.  The field is at the intersection of several other disciplines, including philosophy (knowledge representation, logic), psychology (basic human cognition, perception and performance), computer science (computational theory, artificial intelligence and robotics), linguistics (theories of language structure) and cognitive neuroscience (brain mechanisms for intelligent behavior).

Tufts University Cognitive Science PhD Program

  • Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary effort to understand and explain the mind. It draws on knowledge from psychology, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, neuroscience, and biology, among others.

University of Minnesota – The Center for Cognitive Science

  • 24 departments

Cornell Unversity – Cognitive Sciences

  • Cognitive Science is primarily represented by faculty members in the following departments: Communication, Computer Science, Design and Environmental Analysis, Economics, Education, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Human Development, Information Science, Linguistics, Mathematics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Neurobiology and Behavior, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology, as well as the Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Ohio State University – Center for Cognitive & Brain Sciences

MIT – Brain & Cognitive Science