Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science

Organizing Team

Provisional list of Themes

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Complex Systems
  • Computational Modeling
  • Logic
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Neural Networks
  • Machine Learning

A possible Teaching Team (tentative)

Possible Course Structure

Week 1: Humanities and Cognitive Science.   If cognitive science investigates the human mind, it is by far not the only discipline to do so.  The human mind has been the subject of study in philosophy, literature, psychology, and other fields in the humanities for millenia. So an introductory course in LCS is crucial to get a better grasp of cognitive science.
In particular, in this class we focus on the philosophy of mind where various hypotheses about the relationship of the mind to the body or brain have been debated.  In particular, we will look at three approaches: dualism, the identity theory and functionalism showing how each of these theses has consequences for cognitive science.

Week2: Language, a window into the human mind and brain.  A quick introduction to the science of linguistics (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics pragmatics), including computational linguistics and psycholinguistics.

Week 3: Meaning.  Language isn’t just a symbol system.  The symbols come with meanings.  How are we to think of meanings?  A review of some basic theories about meaning: e.g. meaning characterized in terms of truth conditions, in terms of images,
or in terms of rules that relate to behavior.

Week 4: A closer look at ways of characterizing lexical and compositional meaning.  An introduction to distributional semantics and formal semantics.

Week 5: Content beyond the sentence.  An introduction to dynamic semantics and discourse structure and interpretation both from a linguistic and computational point of view.  A look at how structures shift as we move to dialogue, and in particular multi-party dialogue.

Week 6: Linguistic content and the nonlinguistic context.   How does the nonlinguistic context affect content?  An overview of multimodal communication with a nod to work in robotics

Week 7: Processing questions. Modularity and “autonomous language faculty” vs. embedded cognition.

Weeks 8 and 9   suggestion:  Psycholinguistics?  The suggestions above are pretty heavily tailored towards linguistics and semantics.

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