Biology of Behavior & Evolution Projects

TMBI research in animal behavior on behavioral ecology, collective behavior, human evolution and cultural transmission, integrates many different fields. Approaches include mathematics, computer science, neurobiology, cell biology, development, immunity, epigenetics, robotics, psychology, economics …. TMBI will promote many cutting-edge projects, combining experimental and modeling work, in several species, from single cells to vertebrates, including humans. Using new models and the latest data acquisition technologies, a solid international network including a number of recently ecruited researchers highlight the attractiveness of the field in Toulouse. Progress in Animal behavior requires removing traditional barriers between disciplines and TMBI, with its multidisciplinary nature, offers the best chance to reach this goal. Collaborative projects between EDB and CRCA have already started and promise to be successful. For example, they are tackling one of the major conservation challenges facing our society: namely the colony collapse disorders of pollinators. The TMBI thus offers a rare environment for ethologists to work with researchers from various fields including mathematics, neurosciences, social science, psychology & computer science.