Projects related to the Institute

Here are some of the ideas that we have for the TMBI that are aimed to make the Institute a vibrant and exciting place to do science.

First, we will use the rich database of research interest within the Institute to identify interesting and novel areas of scientific research that can make use of complementary skills within the perimeter of the Institute. These novel interfaces will be promoted by the organisation  of a series of workshops on specific themes, decided by the Governing Council, and with the help of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Second, we want to set up TMBI prizes that would honour research done by members of the institute that has a particularly impressive impact.

Two types of awards will be awarded:

  • Prizes for work that has had a high impact over the past 5 years, as illustrated by a high citation rate over that period.
  • Prizes for work that has already had a high impact in just 2 years and looks likely to have a major influence

For both prizes, the final choices of which work to honour will be made by an independent Scientific Advisory Board during their annual visit towards the end of the year.

A third project will  to campaign to raise enough funds to renovate the other wing of the Pavillion Baudot – the Baudot 2.0 project. If we can get the work done, we will be able to offer excellent research to incoming scientists and new projects.