Mathieu Lihoreau

CNRS Researcher (CR), CRCA, CBI, (CNRS-UT3), ISC-T,

Researcher EXPLAIN Team CRCA


I am a cognitive ecologist. I obtained a PhD from the University of Rennes (2009) where I have been working on social cognition in cockroaches with Colette Rivault and Jean-Louis Deneubourg. I did a postdoc on spatial cognition in bees at Queen Mary University of London with Lars Chittka and Nigel Raine (2010). I then moved to the University of Sydney (2011-2013) to work on foraging cognition in flies with Steve Simpson and some other great chaps.

I am now a CNRS reseacher in Toulouse, trying to make sense of cognitive processes underpinning complex foraging behaviour, using models and experiments on insects. We are just starting a project for tracking bees equipped with radiofrequency tags in meadows of electronic flowers in a giant tent (personal website/google scholar).