Caroline Fonta

CNRS Research Director (DR2), CerCo (CNRS-UT3)


Who I am :  CNRS Research Director (DR2), CerCo (Brain and Cognition Research Center, CNRS-UT3), TMBI (Univ. Toulouse), in the IMPEC group (Images et Modèles Pour l’Exploration du Cerveau). After a first scientific life studying the anatomo-functional organization of the olfactory system in invertebrates, I joined the CerCo in 1993 to work on the primate cerebral cortex postnatal development, with an emphasis on the organization of the cortical microvascular network in marmosets. I am currently developing the marmoset monkey model to investigate normal and pathological brain aging processes, using multimodal brain imaging. I am also originally exploring the alkaline phosphatase functions in neurotransmission. I work in strong collaboration in Toulouse with chemists (LSPCMIB), experts in image analysis and statistics  (Toulouse Mathematics Institute, IMT) and in fluid dynamics (Institute of Fluid Mechanics (IMFT).