Christophe Jouffrais

CNRS Researcher (CR1), IRIT (CNRS-UT3), LACII

Christophe Jouffrais is with the IRIT Lab (UMR5505, CNRS & Univ of Toulouse) in Toulouse, FR. He is a CNRS researcher with a background in Cognitive Science and Assistive Technology. He is the director of the LACII (joint research lab between IRIT and Institute for Blind Youth in Toulouse). He holds a European PhD (2000) in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Lyon, FR and the University of Fribourg, CH. He also holds a HDR (habilitation to supervise research, 2011) in computer science from the University of Toulouse 3. His current research focuses on blind human perception, action and cognition with an emphasis on Assistive Technologies for the Blind and Non-Visual Interactions (HCI).