Timothée Masquelier

CNRS Researcher (CR2), IDV (CNRS-UPMC), Cerco (CNRS-UT3)

  • MAOS Team
I am a researcher in computational neuroscience. I use numerical simulations to gain understanding on how neurons process, encode and transmit information with spikes, in particular in the visual modality. I am also interested in bio-inspired computer vision and neuromorphic engineering.
One of my major contribution so far has been to show that thanks to the physiological mechanism referred to as spike timing-dependent plasticity, neurons can detect repeating spike patterns, in an unsupervised manner, even when those patterns are embedded in noise. This mechanism is probably at work in particular in the visual system, where it can explain how selectivity to visual primitives emerges. It is also relevant for neuromorphic engineering as it can be efficiently implemented in hardware, leading to fast intelligent systems with self-learning abilities.
I was trained at Ecole Centrale Paris (Ingénieur 1999), MIT (M. Sc. 2001), and Université Toulouse III (PhD 2008). I was recruited by the C.N.R.S. in 2012. My research is highly interdisciplinary – at the interface between biology, computer science, and physics.