Alexandra Séverac Cauquil

UT3 Lecturer, CerCo (CNRS-UT3)


I am a lecturer in Neurosciences at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Toulouse 3 University and I lead my research projects at the Cerco, in the Eco3D team. I did my thesis with Paul Bessou at the CHU Toulouse on multisensory integration in human balance applied to space motion sickness. Then I spent 2 years working as a post-doc with Brian Day on vestibular control of balance at the Institute of Neurology, Queen square, London. When I got my lecturer position in 2000, I reoriented my research towards 3D vision in humans. Now I’m involved in studies using psychophysics, EEG and fMRI to understand the multisensory construction of the 3D percept in humans. I have always been involved in collective duties at the University, on either pedagogic or scientific committees, and I am currently Deputy Director of the Faculty of Science and Engineering of UT3.