Benoit Cottereau

CNRS researcher (CR2), CerCo (CNRS-UT3)
I am a researcher at the Cerco (in the ECO-3D team) and also the co-responsible of the ‘Brain Awareness week’ in Toulouse. I graduated as signal processing engineer in 2004 and obtained a PhD in neuroimaging at the ‘Institut du Cerveau et de la moelle épinière’ (ICM, Paris) in 2008. I then spent 3 years as a post-doctoral fellow in the Psychology Department of Stanford University (California, USA). I arrived in Toulouse in 2012 and got a CNRS permanent position in 2014. My research mostly focuses on the primate visual system. More specifically, I aim at understanding the neural mechanisms that lead to visual perception from interdisciplinary approaches that gather behavioural studies (psychophysics), multimodal neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG and MEG) and computational modelling. My work has numerous clinical applications (e.g. for people suffering from eye diseases) and technological outputs (e.g. for developing artificial vision system).
You can find my google scholar page here.
That would be wonderful to have an Institute in Toulouse that would merge the competence from the different neuroscience research groups in the city and I am delighted to help with this project.