Céline Cappe

CNRS Researcher (CR2), CerCo (CNRS-UT3)

  • Reseacher CP3 Team CerCo


I’m a CNRS Researcher at Cerco in the C3P team (Crossmodal Compensation and cortical Plasticity). I obtained my PhD from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and the CerCo under supervision of Eric Rouiller and Pascal Barone. After a first post-doc with Micah Murray at Lausanne Hospital (CHUV), I worked with Michael Herzog at the Brain and Mind Institute, EPFL. I joined the CerCo in 2013 as a CNRS Research Scientist. My research focuses mainly on multisensory processing using a parallel approach in human and non-human primates and a large panel of methods as anatomy, intracracnial electrophysiology, EEG, psychophysics … I am also interested in perception in psychiatric diseases.