Chlöé Farrer

CNRS Researcher (CR1), Cerco (CNRS-UT3) IAST

  • AA+ Team CerCo


I am a cognitive neuroscientist at the CerCo. I obtained my Phd from the University of Lyon under the supervision of Marc Jeannerod. During my PhD I also conducted some research with Chris Frith in the University College of London. I then did a Post-Doc at Dartmouth College in the United States with Scott Grafton. I was then recruited in the CNRS in 2004.
I am interested in several cognitive domains related to action: action awareness, sense of agency, moral agency and action understanding. I use psychophysics and brain imaging techniques (fMRI) to study the neurocognitive processes involved in these cognitive domains in healthy subjects and in patients with Schizophrenia. I have recently started new research in relation to children’s education where we will evaluate the effects of cognitive training on children’s cognitive and academic performance.

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