Emmanuel Barbeau

CNRS Research Director (DR2), Cerco (CNRS-UT3)


I’m a CNRS director of research at the Cerco. I head the Memory and Learning of Objects and Scenes and co-head with Jérémie Pariente the M2 “Neuropsychologie et Neurosciences Cliniques”. I did my PhD in Marseille, basically half in neuropsychology in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and half in neuroscience carrying out intracerebral recordings in epileptic patients. I was studying how different structures of the medial temporal lobes were involved in declarative memory and I’m still very much interested in this topic. I arrived in Toulouse in 2006 with a CNRS position and since then have been working happily with people either at the Cerco or Tonic… It would be great to have an interdisciplinary neuroscience institute in Toulouse.