Marie-Christine Miquel

UT3 Lecturer, CRCA (CNRS-UT3)


I am a lecturer in Neurosciences at Toulouse 3 University since 2015, after a mutation from UPMC Paris 6 where I was appointed in 1994, working on the central serotonin system and serotoninergic neurons maturation in the CNRS UMR unit dir. A. Calas, following my PhD on central serotonin receptors and psychiatric disorders, under the direction of M. Hamon at CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière and a Master in Biological Chemistry from UCLA. In 2002, I started to focus on neuronal degeneration using in vitro models of proteinopathies like Alzheimer’s and Prions diseases, in the CNRS UMR dir. J. Mariani at UPMC. In 2008, I moved to Toulouse and joined P. Belenguer’s team specialized in Mitochondrial Dynamics at Toulouse 3 University, to reinforce the analysis of the regulation of mitochondrial dynamics in neuronal and synaptic functioning, particularly in a genetic mouse model of Optic Atrophy.

Since 2016, our team joined the CRCA, in order to address experience-dependent neuronal plasticity by focusing on the mitochondrial gate. My project aims at deciphering the contribution of mitochondrial dynamics to neuronal and synaptic plasticity, from neurogenesis to neurodegeneration.
On a personal basis and in my teaching activities, I am interested in the Philosophy, Epistemology and History of Sciences and have started to develop teaching units together with Philosophers of Biology from Toulouse 2 University. We are starting to develop interactions in the Neurosciences field. Please join our “Mind your Brain” symposium at NeuroFrance 2017 in Bordeaux.