Michel Aurnague

CNRS Research Director, CLLE-ERSS (CNRS-UT2)


I’m a CNRS Research Director (DR1) at the laboratory CLLE-ERSS. From 2006 to 2014, I headed the S’caladis team of CLLE-ERSS (“Semantic Structures: from categories of the lexicon to the analysis of discourse”). My research is mainly focused on the expression of space in language considered from a threefold perspective (descriptive, formal, experimental). In previous work, I tackled the semantics of static spatial relations and part-whole relations as well as the ontology of spatial entities in language and cognition. With L. Vieu, we proposed a formal framework for representing the meaning of spatial expressions that articulates geometrical, functional and pragmatic features. I’m currently investigating the dynamic side of linguistic space: characterization of motion verbs, motion eventualities and Aktionsart, asymmetry of motion… I’m also interested in the broader issue of the relations between language(s), culture(s) and mental representations.