Pierre Moretto

UT3 Professor, CAB, CRCA (CNRS-UT3), CBI


I am Professor at UT3. My research topic concerned the biomechanics of human movement and was dedicated to clinical or sport applications. I obtained my PhD in 1997 in Lille with a work supervised by Mario LAFORTUNE (Director fo Nike Sport Research Laboratory, Oregon, USA). I developed a methodology inspired by comparative biology to establish dynamic comparisons between different sized individuals for clinical and bioengineering purposes. Others investigations have been developed to understand the movement or behavior transition in response to a task of increasing power (walk-to-run, seat-to-stand in cycling). We applied it to the conception of portable systems that enable to return a real time bio-feedback from biomechanical data. I joined the CRCA and CAB team in January 2016. We will now extend these approaches to different scales, from the insects to the human. The comparative biomechanics and the dimensionless approach will enable us to enlighten the biomechanical similarities between individuals equipped with brain ranging from 1 mm3 to 1.3 liter when they behave similarly to use the gravity to be more efficient or to develop complex, collective and collaborative behaviors to carry loads.