Robin Baurès

UT3 Lecturer, Cerco (CNRS-UT3)


I am associate professor at University Toulouse III. I have obtained my PhD in 2007 at Paris Sud University, and following several post doc experiences, in particular in Heiko Hecht’s group in Mainz, I got recruited at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, and make my reserch in the ECO-3D team of CerCo.

My research focuses on visual perception of time-to-contact, and factors influencing this estimation, as attention, number of objects… At the CerCo, I am extending this focus with some interest in computational neurosciences, aiming at building a neural network that would mimic the expert sport players’ anticipation ability. For this, I am using mostly behavioral methods, including psychophysics, but I’m keen to learn more on neuroimaging technics if needed.