Cédrick Florian

UT3 Lecturer, CRCA (CNRS-UT3), TMBI (Univ. Toulouse)


I am a lecturer in Neurosciences at the CRCA, in the REMEMBeR team. I did my thesis on the role of Hippocampal CA3-area in memory in mice and obtained my PhD in 2004. I spent five years in Ted Abel lab (UPenn, USA) as a postdoctoral reseacher to work on the molecular and genetic basis of memory consolidation.  I worked also on the role of astrocytes in cognition (with Phil Haydon, Tufts University, USA) and on the role of nicotinic systems in memory (with Stephen Gould, Temple Universiy, USA). Back to France in 2010, I studied epigenetic modifications on the long-lasting regulation of gene expression during development in Rett syndrom mouse model in Jamel Chelly lab at the Cochin Institute (Paris, France). I joined the CRCA as an assistant professor in 2011 to study transcriptional mechanisms responsibles for the long-lasting memory formation in mice.