Déborah Méligne

PostDoc Fellow, Institut Handicaps Neurologiques, Psychiatriques et Sensoriels (CHU Toulouse), Tonic (INSERM-UT3)


After a PhD in neuropsychology in ToNIC (Toulouse NeuroImaging Centre – UMR1214 formerly UMR825), I decided to sustain researchers to do research, to obtain financial supports and so on. I’m currently project manager for the “Institut des Handicaps Neurologiques, Psychiatriques et Sensoriels” (CHU Toulouse) led by J. Pariente & C. Arbus and strongly connected to ToNIC (Toulouse NeuroImaging Centre – UMR1214 formerly UMR825). The Institute has been recently labelled as “FHU” (Fédération Hospitalo-Universitaire) HoPeS, which federates many clinical and research teams across the CHU, CNRS, Inserm and Toulouse 1, 2 and 3 universities, including ToNIC and CerCo.