Laure Verret

UT3 Lecturer, CRCA (CNRS-UT3)



I am an Associate Professor in Neuroscience at the CRCA, in the REMEMBeR team. I obtained in 2004 my PhD in Pierre-Hervé Luppi’s lab in Lyon, where I was studying neuronal networks of REM sleep in rats. I started working on neuronal plasticity and functional plasticity in AD mouse models during my first post-doc at the CRCA with Claire Rampon, then moved to Gladstone Institute in San Francisco in 2008, where I pursued my research on neuronal dysfunction and cognitive impairments in AD. I came back at CRCA as an associate professor, still trying to decipher neuronal mechanisms of cognitive dysfunctions in mouse models of AD, using behavior, electrophysiology, and optogenetics.