Sébastien M Crouzet

CNRS Post-Doc Fellow, Cerco (CNRS-UT3)

Sébastien Crouzet
I am a postdoc working with Rufin VanRullen in the PAF team at the CerCo (my personal website ).
I obtained my graduate degree in cognitive science from the Cogmaster in Paris before doing a Ph.D. in neuroscience with Simon Thorpe (CerCo, Toulouse, France). Since then, I have worked as a postdoc with Thomas Serre (Brown University, USA),  Niko Busch (Charité University, Berlin, Germany) and now Rufin VanRullen (CerCo, Toulouse, France).
My general interest is to understand the dynamics of the perceptual mechanisms underlying visual recognition. To this aim, I have used various methods such as (i)EEG and eye movements recordings, as well as computational models.